Solution Delivery

It’s hard enough keeping on top of your own go-to-market programs, let alone keeping up with what your competitors are doing and the latest best practices in your industry. Conferences, Google searches, and advice from friends can help, but should you really have to figure all this out on your own? And even if you could wrap your head around everything today, how do you know you won’t have to do it all over again next quarter?

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Our focus is on you and helping you to get started on the right foot with your solution implementation. You can consult with highly experienced professionals who know your industry – and its unique challenges – inside and out.
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Just send us your questions or concerns by starting a new case and we will give you the help you need.

No one should have to figure this all out on their own

While some companies simply implement their software with very little customer collaboration, Future TS chooses to partner with you every step of the way. In fact, we encourage your involvement during the implementation process so that we can leverage our collective experience, whenever possible, and to deliver maximum value and performance.

Extended Support Services also are available to sustain an ongoing relationship between our teams. So whether you want to learn how best to navigate the global marketplace – with insights on everything from culture to compliance wherever you do (or plan to do) business, or if you are putting KPIs and an effective change management plan in place, we can help you. Because when you can’t account for everything, there’s Future TS | Now it all adds up.

Implementation Services

Future TS offers specialized product and solution implementation services, eliminating uncertainties typically involved with complex ERP projects. We partner with our customers to successfully deploy our solutions, and measure our success on impeccable delivery and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the quality and resource skill levels we provide for the timely delivery of projects.

No implementation is final with complete business user adoption. Future TS believes is a strong collaborative partnership with clients to ensure business buy-in and end user acceptance, resulting in maximum value and return on investment.

Service Benefits

  • Highly skilled resources with knowledge and expertise in SAP solutions that far exceed other service providers
  • Access to vast knowledge base, experience with similar industry projects and implementations
  • Direct access to Product Development team, providing timely advice on feature functionality and best practices
  • Ability to support projects of all sizes from Fortune 500 customers to mid-market and small and medium businesses
  • Cooperatively blending into the customer’s environment, including working with their partners
  • Cross-Industry expertise
  • Cost effective service models
  • Expert resources on SAP and Future TS solutions

Offshore Services

Future TS offers customers significant cost savings by utilizing the expertise of our overseas resources, specially trained for SAP solution development. The Future TS offshore team is a natural choice for many of our customers seeking peace of mind and risk free implementation.

Why Future TS Offshore?

  • Highly skilled resources
  • In-depth technical expertise in SAP products and solutions
  • Knowledge repository gained on multiple full lifecycle SAP projects
  • Significant cost savings
  • Greater speed of delivery and scheduling flexibility
  • Functional and technical expertise
  • Defined quality assurance and standards
  • Transparent collaboration between on-shore and off-shore
  • Accelerated ramp up/down for faster delivery