Training Services

We deliver structured, hands-on training that ensures everyone gets the support they need to do their jobs effectively, and fulfilling their knowledge requirements. Our training is tailored to suit each client, meaning that your staff will get the most out of the course, and acquire real skills that they can apply to their day-to-day roles.

SAP Training Services

We objective to help users develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision it takes to meet their most demanding business challenges.
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Know-how ...

The most effective system has no value if the user is unable to use it - or not to the desired extent. Acceptance disappears, user errors - and hence posting errors - mount up and data quality drops, carrying acceptance along with it; a vicious circle that really must be avoided right from the very start. This applies not only to individually created project solutions but also to the alogis products being used.

In the run-up to large implementation projects, it makes sense to introduce the group of pro-ject members or future users to the basic functionality and handling of the system by holding some customised training sessions.

We therefore provide the following training sessions upon request:
Project training

Target group: Project member/topic author/key user

Training content: Project-related processes or functions

Number of participants: Individually or in small groups

Training system: Customer system

Training location: Usually on site

Key user training

Key user training

Onsite, personalised training aimed at key users and project teams. We will get your vital users up to speed.
End user training

End user training

Basic classroom training gets all your users ready to access the best your SAP software has to offer.